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Teaching experience 2

Workshop, University 1, Department, 2015

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TA, Master Course, Politecnico di Milano, Mechinical Engineering Department, 2021

As a teaching assitant, I mentored one group, with the aim at exploiting the tools and methods learned to analyze, formalize and provide a solution to the typical machine scheduling problems. This project is collaborated with an Italian automotive supplier company. The following activities are carried out:

  • Machine scheduling knowledge: seminars/lectures to deepen all the technological and management aspects connected to the problem under study, i.e. parallel machine scheduling, robust scheduling.
  • Data collection and processing: basic data collection and processing skills in real industrial contexts will be provided and used to design and/or validate the solutions provided.
  • Modelling skills, especially the mixed interger programming(MIP) formulation skills and mathematical solver useage.
  • Data analysis and visualization skills are delivered.
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